• B Corps: Doing well while doing good.
    Patagonia. Etsy. New Belgium Brewing Co. Klean Kanteen. Ben & Jerrys. Seventh Generation … The common thread? All are Certified B Corporations. “B Corps” are intent on ensuring profit is not the lone factor driving business decisions. Instead, these companies believe “people using business as a force for good” is the best way to achieve their business goals. B Corp certification is built on the idea that consumers care about the company, not just the product, when making a purchasing decision. But how exactly does a B Corp act as a “force for good” and how are they structured? Maybe you’ve heard of a Benefit Corporation? The B Corp is the better-looking, more successful older brother. Despite its name, B Corp certification is available to all entity types, including LLCs, partnerships, corporations,… Read more »
  • Due Diligence and the Art of Buying Property: Why an Attorney is Essential in your Real Estate Transaction.
    For many of us, a real estate purchase will be the biggest transaction we participate in during our lifetime. When else do we spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on one purchase? Instead of engaging an attorney when involved in a real estate transaction, however, potential purchasers rely solely on their real estate agent. Numerous states have recognized this is not enough protection for home buyers; instead, more than twenty states have mandated that an attorney must be present at closing. Unfortunately, Montana is not one of these states. Despite the fact that Montana does not require an attorney be involved in your real estate transaction, below are three reasons you should nonetheless hire an attorney. (1) REAL ESTATE… Read more »
Lindsey Hromadka was voted runner up for Best Attorney in Whitefish Best of 2021. Thanks, Whitefish!

Thank goodness I found Lindsey. She’s not only incredibly professional and knowledgeable as my legal representation, but she’s efficient, responsive, and perhaps most importantly to me: approachable and kind. She breaks down the risk of any scenario into understandable pieces so I can make quick decisions. Plus, she handles everything from employee contracts, to leases, business agreements and more. I’ve never felt so secure in my business than I do with Lindsey on my side!

- Mollie Busby, Owner/Founder
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